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The use of PV Modules has been growing over the past decades and it is widely expected that it will grow even stronger over the decades to come. This trend will be seen across the world, from poor underdeveloped civilizations to developed western countries. The recent United Nations Climate Conference (Paris) underlines this situation and even calls for immediate political action.

The current PV Module market is dominated by Asian manufacturers, some of which produce average or low quality products and B-grades commonly available and sold to (non expert) end-users. In the solar industry there is a growing demand for premium quality.

EU quality/manufactured PV Modules are requested by established distributors and project developers that want to avoid future (reputation) risk and further reduce the carbon footprint of their products. However, in the EU nowadays, such products are hardly available or not affordable.

In addition to this quality gap, by shipping PV Modules from Asian production sites, all across the globe to end-users in Europe, a lot of logistical cost and energy is wasted. Another significant portion of this shipped volume will be damaged or even considered to be lost for the actual harvesting of solar power.

The Energyra approach

That is why Energyra will bring back PV Module manufacturing to Europe and build a new production facility in the Netherlands. By using the most innovative solar cell and module concept and applying the highest degree of robotization, Energyra will produce the best available PV Modules in the market. Based on EU technology, exclusively secured by the commitment of leading EU R&D and equipment partners.

In order to be able to offer customers a full range of modules, with peak power values ranging from 300 to 325 Wattpeak (Wp) and up, Energyra will produce several types of modules. Production in 2018 will start exclusively with the monocrystalline module, the other new products will be announced later on this website.  

Performance figures will grow further due to the ongoing development of our technology and strategic and sourcing partners in 2018 and on. This is not just another company claim. It's our promise. To you! 


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