Energyra products are designed to meet the best standards in the PV industry. Or surpass them. Nothing less and nothing more.

We started being modest years ago with our research. We became confident, thanks to the results we booked and present to you nowadays. Powered by the most innovative cell technology, the best selected raw materials and industry components. Our challenging goals, when it comes to automation and robotising. Considering reliability and life-cycle cost, our PV modules are simply the best choice. Even under harsh conditions.

Changing the rules, we start producing in the EU, in Holland. Meeting your demands in quality, reliability and performance. We managed all this by strong partnerships. Now ready to become your industry partner. Contact us or have look around!

The Energyra solar panel

This no-busbar monocrystalline 60-cell solar module is offering cell performance efficiencies over 21%(!). The universal format and its light weight make it suitable for both rooftop application and commercial & utility projects. Energyra solar modules combine innovative cell and MWT module technology of the highest quality to achieve high efficiency, excellent weak light performance and durability under dynamic weather conditions. 


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