Mono MWT - Concentrated Premium


Energyra modules combine innovative cell and MWT module technology of the highest quality to achieve high efficiency, excellent weak light performance and durability under dynamic weather conditions.

This 60-cell module provides the highest achieved conversion efficiency for a stand-sized silicon module, which makes this enhanced module one of the most cost and energy efficient modules available. Medusa is our premium module, helping you to save BOS cost from various aspects and raise your ROI while lowering the TCO.

The unique  combination of proven quality and outstanding performance delivers reliable high energy yields. Energyra modules are designed to beat the prediction constantly, thus bring better return to the end-user.

The use of nanocoated anti-reflective, high transmission glass, POE encapsulants, patented MWT technology and a unique, lifetime extending aluminium/copper backside barrier result in a a highly efficient, next-generation solar panel that delivers impressive performance.


  • CELL TYPE: 60 Cells - Monocrystalline
  • CELL EFFICIENCY: ~ 21,5 % >
  • PERFORMANCE: ~ 320 Wp
  • ENVIRONMENTAL: No interconnect soldering (no lead, tin or solderflux), Fluorfree backsheet, No EVA encapsulant (> POE)
  • APPEARANCE: Full Black, backcontact
  • PID free, Cell integrated redundancy: no more microcracks!
  • WARRANTY: 30 Year Warranty, EU Insured

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