Energyra is setting up an European company, manufacturing premium PV Modules (Solar Panels). 

Why Energyra?

Energyra is creating an Unique Selling Proposition that is hard to be ignored by the PV Module market in the EU.

By taking a different approach towards PV Module manufacturing, Energyra will challenge the status quo that is characterized by
(a) some of which produce average or low quality  PV Modules,
(b) almost exclusive Asian origin products, targeted at low prices, and
(c) scarcely available premium quality (EU manufactured) PV Modules at fair pricing.

By using the most innovative solar cell and module concept and applying the highest degree of robotization, Energyra will produce PV Modules that are not only:

- aesthetically designed,
- produced more eco-friendly,
- of high durability,
- made in the EU (Holland),
- produced under ‘CSR’ conditions,

but, above all, show higher power harvest at a lower price per KWh - it's all about return...

Energyra's Code of Conduct

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