The use of solar modules is widely expected to grow even stronger over the decades to come. This trend is seen worldwide, from poor underdeveloped civilizations to developed western countries. 

The Solar Module market is dominated by Asian manufacturers, some of which produce average or low quality products and the modules are sold to (non expert) end-users.

Shipment of modules from Asian production sites to end-users in Europe not only causes energy waste at short term. A significant portion of the shipped volume will be damaged or considered to be lost for the actual harvesting of solar power.

There is a growing demand for premium quality. Established project developers are looking for EU quality/manufactured PV Modules as they want to avoid future (reputation) risk and further reduce the carbon footprint of their solution. However, in the EU nowadays, such products are hardly available or not affordable.

That is why Energyra will bring back Solar Module manufacturing to Europe.