Energyra has engaged several technologic, strategic and synergetic partners. Thanks to our technology agreements with leading industry parties, Energyra will secure ongoing access to the research capabilities and product development of these organisations. Some of our partners are not publicly presented yet, due to the neccessary protection of the business case.



Our first partnership. The driving power behind Energy Valley with an entrepeneurial spirit. Provider of the unique - Alkmaar based - location for our factory, new to be built.



Professional, practical, accessible and challenging sparring partner - ensuring the future of Energrya for NHN. Driven to make the difference ànd make it work.


Logo Energy Innovation ParkThe future location of Energyra.

A warm welcome thanks to parties like TAQA, PDENH and City of Alkmaar.


The leading Dutch Energy researchcenter. Inventor of the unparalleled MWT technology used by Energyra. Nowadays not only IP partner but also closely involved in the partnership, focussed on implementing new PV cell technologies and processes.


Combining digital development with creative identity design. By looking better we are able to perform better. Xicero is our media- and marketingpartner with a no-nonsense approach from the very start.



Xilia is the solar bankability and de-risking expert worldwide. Helping Energyra in the area of sourcing- and quality control of the supplychain: key in the reassurance of our customers, distributors and commercial partners.



SunChine provides end-to-end Quality Assurance services for the PV industry. By measuring and evaluating our products, providing fully traceable results, Suchine helps us to achive increased investor confidence and better returns.